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Develop Forest – Sell Carbon Credits Is My Dream

sell carbon credits

Develop Forest

“What I Would Do with a Million Dollars, Tax Free?” is a question that I do enjoy writing my answers. A million dollars can give me all physical things I plan to acquire.

Well, actually I don’t need that much. nassorn-grin

Anyway, there are three items that require huge amount of money in my plan, buy two dream cars; build my dream house on the land I’ve bought last year. Finally I would buy a large piece of land and develop a forest.

The first two items satisfied my personal wanting for me and my beloved family. We live our life easy style, not luxury. We are not addicted to materials. We do not need lot of money in our daily living. The third item is what I dream of cure the World before I leave it.

Buy 50 Acres Land, Develop Forest, Sell Carbon Credits

Those are what I would do with a Million dollars!

I do hurt every time I heard how global warming destroyed all areas of our peaceful environments and communities. I realized that people in my generation aggressively destroyed the Earth. Our Earth was developed for millions years but it was severe damaged in the last 50 years. It’s a sad story.

Carbon is expected to become the World’s biggest commodity market, eclipsing Oil in the next 5 years…

It is a win-win business. I living my life sell carbon credits while I cure the World.

Learn more about…

“Carbon credit and how you can make money from it”
Carbon credits are a part of international emission trading standards. They incentivize companies or countries that release less carbon. The total annual emissions are limited and the market allocates a monetary value to any underperformance through trading. Businesses can exchange, buy or sell carbon credits in international markets at the established market price.
Read the whole article :http://www.rediff.com/money/2008/feb/05inter1.htm

About Carbon Credit Definition

The term “carbon” is referring to the molecule carbon dioxide. When humans breathe out they release carbon dioxide. It is something that is natural to our ecosystems- when released naturally. Trees usually take in this carbon dioxide and utilize it. So do our soils and bodies of water. Trees convert carbon dioxide and release oxygen which we and other animals breathe in to live.
Read the whole article: Carbon Offsets and Carbon Credit – What is This New Green Marketing?

Thanks for asking “What I Would Do with a Million Dollars, Tax Free?” that allow me sharing my dreams. I wish I could live my life peacefully sell carbon credits while healing global warming.

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